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Application Guide

GS Battery Power Sports Applications

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Differences Between Premium, CB Series and Conventional Batteries 1
How To Use This Guide 3
Terminal Configurations 4
GS Cross Reference Chart 5
Designation Of Battery Type Numbers 5
Premium AGM Factory Activated 12 Volt Battery Specifications 6
CB Series 12 Volt Battery Specifications 6-7
Conventional 12 Volt Battery Specifications 8
12 Volt Import Specialty Battery Specifications 8
Import Automotive Battery Specifications 8
Conventional 6 Volt Battery Specifications 9
Battery Supplier Cross Reference Chart 10
Motorcycle Battery Applications 11-18
European And Other Motorcycle Battery Specifications 18-22
Scooter Battery Applications 22-23
Personal Watercraft Battery Applications 23-24
Utility Vehicle Battery Applications 24
All Terrain Vehicle Battery Applications 24-27
Snowmobile Battery Applications 27-29
Miscellaneous Battery Applications 29
Battery Safety 30
Off-Season Storage 31
Spring Start Up 32
An Inside Look at GS Quality Back Inside Cover


How to use this guide

These instructions are based on sound engineering principles, research, extensive field experience, technical judgements of industry members, and are subject to change in light of developments in technology, field experience, and incoming fit data. GS Battery does not claim any representation or warranty, express or implied, concerning this catalog’s data or recommendations, and in no event shall be liable for any loss or damage claimed to have arisen as a result of the use of data or from following the recommendations set forth in this catalog. CCA and RC ratings are based on JIS/SAE specifications for reference only.

Please Note: Photos in this catalogue and on the cover depict highly skilled professional riders on closed courses. Do not attempt these maneuvers.